Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Hearts Half-way Mark!

Today being the 1st of July, it is the half-way mark in the Sweet Hearts 2013 project!  I decided to make something special today to mark this half-way point.
The heart block today is half and half.  Not only made out of two different fabrics to represent the half-way mark, but also signifies the quilting styles I love - the traditional and also bright and colorful art quilts.
More rows of heart blocks being pieced together.  The colors make me smile. Half way through and I still love making this little gems.  Like I said, they're like potato chips!
It is getting so large I can no longer take a good photo that shows the whole quilt.  Good thing the rows will start getting shorter soon!  
I put it on the guest room bed for this shot.  That antique bed belonged to my grandparents who were married in the 1920's.
Speaking of potato chips.... Am I crazy.. or doesn't this look like a heart????   LOL

Happy Stitching and Happy Half-way mark to my fellow Sweet Heart quilters!



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  2. This looks beautiful! It will look amazing once it is done! Jealous!!

  3. Thanks for your feedback - they are really fun!! Thanks for visiting.


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