Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Productive Weekend... but Not Quilting.....Sort Of

So this was a 'work weekend' at our condo at the New Jersey shore.  We went down on Friday, a 3 1/2 hour trip (with plenty of time for stitching), with plans of re-doing the master bathroom.  So after several stops to pick up things for the work weekend we had planned, we arrived on the island.  By now it was dinner time.... and of course the usual question. "What do we do for dinner?"  And there it was... like a long lost friend, our favorite hoagie shop was open.  Just re-opened last weekend.  We immediately made a u-turn and quickly parked the car and eagerly went inside and place our order.
Like your favorite ice cream shop.. that opens for the season, Primo Hoagies is our eagerly awaited return to summer.  Here is my Italian hoagie with sharp provolone. A "hoagie" (a Southern NJ or South Philadelphia term) is a submarine sandwich or a grinder.  Ahhh... it was wonderful.  I didn't even worry about the calories!!!!!!  Yum!!!!
Now this was the real reason we were there, to redo our master bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, new shower curtains, new mirror, and new overhead light.  Just a facelift from the light blue paint, bright fish border and shower curtain, etc.
I painted the walls a nice sand color to go with the new shower curtain.  Gone is the bright fish wallpaper border and fishy shower curtain, and plate mirror.  (Those tiles on the floor are blue glass tiles, very pretty.) You can't see it but I also replaced the ceiling light.. which made a huge difference in the lighting in the room.  So this is where I spent most of my weekend.... not walking along the beach, or enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.  But at least most of this project is done.  It it looks fantastic.  
However, I did get quite a few Sweet Hearts done in the car and also some stitching on the last Sweet Sixteen block in the evening.  If nothing else, the long car ride is perfect for stitching!

Have a great week and Happy Stitching!


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  1. The hoagie looks wonderful! So does the bathroom! And I love your hearts, so cheerful!


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