Friday, February 8, 2013

Color, Color, Color !!!

Most of my week has been consumed by hearts.  These little gems have really captured my heart! (sorry...that was a bad joke.)  But I have really been enjoying all the colors as you can see from my work table below.
Lots of colorful scraps to work with.  So much fun on wintery days!
I have started to sew the blocks together.  I decided on the black & white.  Thanks for all the feedback - it was unanimous for the black.

Here are Dawn's beautiful batik hearts!  Looks like she is caught up.  Great job Dawn.  The batiks are beautiful.  Wonder if she will use that purple for the setting triangles?

Here are Karin's first five.  They look great - love the colors !  Karin has also recruited her friend Donna... and Donna's friend Patty to join in the fun!
I have a few more to go  - should be able to get them done in the next couple of days. 
My basket of silk thread ready for stitching.

Maybe today I should work on these two blocks today.  We are expecting a blizzard in northwest New Jersey today and tomorrow.......  A foot of snow will keep me indoors sewing - sounds like a perfect day.

Some friends.
  Looks like it could be a quilt group forming!

Happy Stitching Everyone !


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